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The crude protein content of soybean meal is up to 30 ~ 50%. Soybean meal is the main raw material of livestock and poultry feed, and one of the main protein feed for animals. How does the soybean meal feed dryer work? How much is it?

Soybean meal feed production process: soybean meal feed often adopts the method of solid fermentation, adding the right amount of water, soybean meal, wheat bran, 100:6 hybrid, 1:3 aspergillus oryzae: yeast inoculation 6.00%, fermentation mature 72 hours, the full blade mixing drum dryer moment at low-temperature dehydration to 12%, crushing to 30-80 mesh, cooled to room temperature packaging, finish machining process.

How much is a soybean meal dryer? Because there are many models of soybean meal dryers, different models of production capacity, footprint size, energy consumption are different, and the production cost of equipment will be different, so the price is different, there are high and low, which requires users to choose according to their own production needs. Specific soybean meal dryer how much money a, can contact us, there are professional technical personnel for you to tailor the design of equipment model, and provide equipment quotation list

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