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Pomace is the main waste residue in the production process of the fruit juice factory, which can be reused as a resource after treatment. What can industrial pomace do? At present, many users use the pomace dryer to treat their large quantities of precipitation to increase their utilization.

What can industrial pomace do

Fresh pomace is high in nutrients, but its water content is also high, which is not conducive to storage, transportation and reprocessing, and the content of nutrients per unit weight is low, so it needs to go through a pomace dryer for deep dehydration. The dried pomace has low moisture content, is not only easy to store and transport, but also rich in nutrients, which is beneficial to more channels, and can be used for processing pomace paper, feed, etc.

Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of pomace dryer equipment, which can provide a full set of pomace drying equipment customization services, which are more suitable for users' actual production needs, and the factory direct sales, there is no middleman to make the difference, and it has more advantages in terms of price. Users and friends in need can click on the page for online consultation to learn more

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