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The soy sauce residue can be used as feed after being dried. It is understood that my country's annual output of soy sauce reaches 5.2 million tons, and a large amount of soy sauce residue is also produced. This substance is rich in active nutrients. If it is directly discharged and discarded, it will not only pollute the environment, but also cause certain economic losses. The soy sauce residue contains protein, which is a good feed nutrient. After adding other auxiliary materials, it can be fermented to make livestock feed. It is a new type of feed material that can increase its economic value.

The sauce dregs dryer can quickly dry sauce dregs with 65-75% moisture content to dry products with a moisture content of less than 13%. The unit uses coal (natural gas, coal gas) as energy, hot air as the drying medium, and uses strong hot air to process all kinds of wet materials at a high temperature and rapid drying process. The transmission device of the main engine adopts electromagnetic speed regulation and is equipped Automatic temperature control device, the color of the dried product does not change after drying, and the color and flavor of the original material and nutrients are retained

The Zhengzhou Dingli dryer will dry the soy sauce residue and use it, which is convenient for storage and has a very broad application prospect. Specifications and models can be customized, offer free quotation plan, welcome to consult.

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