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Soybean meal is a by-product obtained by extracting soybean oil from soybeans as raw materials. According to the different extraction process, it can be divided into one soaked soybean meal and two soaked soybean meal. Soybean meal has a wide range of uses, the most important being to make feed for livestock and poultry. Soybean meal contains a lot of nutrients and has a strong effect.

Working principle of fermented soybean meal dryer

Fermented soybean meal production process: fermented soybean meal usually adopts solid-state fermentation method, adding appropriate amount of water, mixing soybean meal: bran 100:6, inoculating 6.00% 1:3 Aspergillus oryzae: yeast, fermenting for 72 hours to mature, using vigorous blade stirring The tumble dryer is dehydrated to 12% instantaneously at low temperature, crushed to 30-80 mesh, cooled to room temperature and packaged to complete the processing process.

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