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Gaodangrass belongs to the grass family of grasses. Its leaves are relatively soft and the leaf surface is thin. It can grow very well even in cold conditions. At the same time, it has a simple structure, grows densely, and has a better taste. Good, the crude protein content is high, contains a variety of nutritional values, suitable for dairy cows.

Zhengzhou Dingli three-layer single-channel forage rotary drum dryer, which has large output, high efficiency and energy saving, and small footprint. It is used with a clean hot blast stove and is especially suitable for drying high-moisture materials such as high dan grass. It can be quickly completed in one time The moisture content of high dan grass is dried from 65-75% to 14-18%. The hay completely retains the nutrients of high dan grass, with bright color and fragrant smell. It can save energy by 30-50% compared with ordinary dryers, which can be maximized. Save energy and drying costs.

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