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Distillers' grains belong to the type of feed. According to relevant reports, adding fresh brewer's grains to dairy cow diets instead of part of corn silage, soybean meal and wheat bran increases the crude protein content from 35% to 39%, which can significantly increase daily milk production. Amount, milk fat content and total dry matter content of milk.

On-site diagram of the production line for the comprehensive processing of distiller’s grains feed:

Beer wine cask is the main by-product in beer production, with a moisture content of 80-85%, large amount and high water content, which makes the transportation of beer wine cask inconvenient and also brings difficulties to its utilization. Therefore, the company, in conjunction with relevant design institutes, integrated the actual situation at home and abroad, researched, designed and manufactured a production line of "screw squeezer dehydration and rotary drum dryer drying". The process is continuous, stable and reliable, with low investment costs, and convenient installation and maintenance. Basically, it can reach unmanned operation. Dehydration and drying are ideal. After dehydration, the moisture content is 65%, and the moisture content after drying is less than 12%. The composition remains the same. It is a drying equipment suitable for drying viscous materials such as beer and wine. This drying equipment has been serialized to meet the needs of breweries of different scales. Please contact us for detailed information. Welcome to consult.

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