Sichuan liquor lees dryer project progress: the full set of equipment is officially shipped

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The Sichuan Yibin customer and our company’s liquor lees drying project is currently progressing smoothly. The equipment has been completed. The main body and accessories of the equipment will be officially shipped after the loading is completed. The following is a picture of the delivery site of the liquor lees dryer taken by the staff .

Liquor lees is the residue left after the grain is fermented by yeast and the alcohol is extracted. It is very nutritious and contains protein, fat, vitamins and other ingredients. After being dried, it can be made into feed for livestock breeding, which can reduce the cost of feed and increase economic benefits without causing waste. Liquor lees dryer is the main equipment for drying and extending the storage time of distiller's grains. Through the principle of heat exchange, the moisture of distiller's grains can be quickly dried to about 12, which is convenient for long-term storage or processing of feed and fuel.

The production technology of Zhengzhou Dingli distiller's lees drying equipment is mature and can meet the needs of breweries of different sizes. Please contact us for detailed information and welcome consultation.

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