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Can sweet elephant grass be dried? Grass fodder, including sweet elephant grass, leaf-eating grass, alfalfa grass, straw and other grass fodder, is becoming more and more common to dry forage through mechanical equipment. This kind of equipment for drying grass is also a forage dryer, which can dry sweet elephant at low temperature. Grass, grass color taste good, can be dried a variety of grass fodder.

Sweet elephant grass drying adopts mechanical equipment with large daily output, sufficient market supply capacity of manufacturers, long storage period, good color of hay sweet elephant grass, non-dry taste, and high-quality processed grass feed. The current sweet elephant grass drying equipment has mature technology and stable performance. From the performance and technical parameters of the sweet elephant grass dryer production line, plant planning, to the installation and construction of the dryer equipment, the dryer manufacturer can visit the user’s site to inspect and measure Body design, one-step construction of sweet elephant grass drying line.

Zhengzhou Dingli sweet elephant grass dryer is a small drying machine that can dry more than 10 tons of green grass per day without a top cover. It can be used for fast drying of sweet elephant grass, leaf-eating grass, alfalfa, leaves, straw and other forages in one machine. Multi-purpose and simple operation.


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