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The sweet potato residue powder contains carbohydrates, which is a good feed for depositing fat. After the potato residue is dehydrated, it can be matched with protein and mineral feed when feeding pigs, which can complement the nutrients and improve economic benefits.

The working principle of the potato residue dewatering machine: the material is conveyed to the hopper of the dewatering machine through the conveyor, and spread evenly on the filter belt through the spiral distributor. The filter belt follows the operation of the equipment, and the material limiter flattens the height of the material layer. The thickness of the material is completely uniform; then the upper and lower two fully-tensioned ring-shaped filter belts clamp the material layer. Driven by the drive roller, the pair of rollers in the dewatering zone are continuously squeezed for many times to press out a large amount of water. . According to the characteristics of the material, the extrusion force is automatically adjusted to meet the customer's requirements for the moisture of the material.

Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of slag-type high-humidity material dewatering machines. Each equipment can be customized and the price is favorable. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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