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Recently, Zhengzhou Dingli has completed the manufacture of another set of distilled grain dryer equipment, which was loaded and shipped to Jiangsu to help the high-value reuse of Jiangsu distilled grains.

The project is a large-scale vinasse drying production line with a daily output of 400 tons. The heat source equipment, feeding equipment, tumble dryer, dust collector, power distribution cabinet, etc. required by the project are all provided by Zhengzhou Dingli Company. After the project is put into production, it can be processed in large quantities. The distiller’s grains are transformed into high-quality feed, which reduces the breeding cost of the farm.

Zhengzhou Dingli distiller's lees dryer is customized and supplied, which can be applied to the drying treatment of all kinds of distiller's lees, distiller's lees, rice distiller's lees, sorghum distiller's lees, alcohol lees, etc. The daily processing capacity is 10 to 500 tons, which is directly supplied by the manufacturer, and on-site installation and commissioning are provided free of charge. , Technical guidance and other services.

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