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A large amount of food waste is generated every day. The main sources of food waste are family kitchens, restaurants, restaurants, canteens, markets and other industries related to food processing. If it is not dealt with in time, it will threaten the environment and residents' health and destroy the ecological environment.

Kitchen waste contains extremely high moisture and organic matter, which is easy to decay and produce foul smell. Dingli's fully automatic food waste pretreatment system has a processing capacity of 0.5 tons to 10 tons per hour. It has the characteristics of stable and efficient operation, and realizes the conversion of food waste into treasure and reuse of resources.

Dingli's fully automatic food waste pretreatment production line has the following 6 systems:

1. Automatic feeding system

2. Automatic sorting system

3. Solid-liquid separation system

4. Oil-water separation system

5. Odor collection and purification system

6. PLC automation control system

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