Yeast dryer maintenance method

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Many companies often customize stainless steel products when purchasing yeast dryers. Stainless steel products bring a certain degree of convenience to later cleaning, but the stainless steel series also require the following cleaning operations and cleaning of accessories: on the yeast dryer Check the appearance of the bearing, confirm the remaining amount of lubricant, and clean the bearing after sampling. Usually gasoline and kerosene are used as cleaning agents. When cleaning the bearing, it is divided into rough washing and fine washing. Put a metal mesh bottom in the container respectively, so that the bearing does not directly contact the contaminants of the container. If the bearing rotates with oil stains, it will damage the rolling surface of the bearing, so special attention should be paid. Use a brush to remove grease and adhesions in the rough wash oil, and then clean it after it is roughly clean. Fine washing is to clean the bearings of the yeast dryer while rotating in the cleaning oil. After the yeast dryer stops working, the cleaning of the equipment on the production line must also be carried out in order. The cleaning of the site is also a problem that cannot be ignored. For the yeast dryer, if the cleaning work is interrupted for a long time, it will directly affect the yeast baking. The service life of dryer equipment and other issues, so the cleaning work should be paid attention to when maintaining the yeast dryer.

The good maintenance method of the yeast dryer will continue to be explained to you, so stay tuned.

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