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Food waste is actually the leftovers of food that people often say, and food waste is rich in nutrients. In addition to high organic content, food waste is also rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and various trace elements. It has the characteristics of complete nutrient elements and high reuse value. Because it contains a large amount of protein, people began to use it to make feed. The food waste is sorted, crushed, dehydrated, secondary crushed, dried and sterilized, and then used to make feed, so that the garbage becomes nutritious. The feed is golden yellow in color and uniform in particles, which completely solves the environmental pollution caused by the urban catering groups randomly discarding the food waste and not using it.

The use of complete sets of food waste treatment equipment facilitates food waste disposal and solves the problem of urban food waste disposal. The industry is also optimistic about its prospects and will be vigorously developed in the future.

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