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Potato residues as feed ingredients have the following advantages: Potato residues produced when potatoes and cassava are used are rich in cellulose, vitamins and other ingredients. Research has found that feeds made from potato residues as raw materials are easily digested and absorbed by livestock, and are cost-effective. Higher than similar products in the market, its economic, environmental and social benefits are more obvious.

The equipment used by the company's "mechanical dehydration + drum drying + pulse air drying " special Chinese patent technology, an effective solution to the traditional dryer which can not dry cassava, potato residue problems, drying material with the perfect color, good quality, production line of energy-saving and environmental protection, with safe and stable operation, which praised by many new and old customers.

The potato residue dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli is currently the high-quality drying equipment in the industry and has been purchased by the majority of feed enterprise customers. Our technicians design, select and manufacture according to the customer's material characteristics, output, moisture and other production needs . Welcome customers in need to our company to purchase equipment.


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