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Zhengzhou Dingli is committed to the research of three-layer single-channel rotary drum dryer. The three-layer single-channel rotary drum dryer is a unique principle newly developed by combining the principle of a rotary drum dryer with an inclination angle and an airflow dryer. dryer. It can handle not only low-viscosity high-moisture materials, but also high-viscosity high-moisture materials. It changes the cumbersomeness of the rotary drum dryer and the bulkiness of the airflow dryer, and has the advantages of small size, high thermal efficiency, light weight, wide applicability, and flexible temperature control. The machine is widely suitable for drying various powder, block, flake materials and various slag materials. Such as ore sand, mineral powder, iron ore, brewer's grains, alcohol grains, pomace, medicine residue, sauce grains, sugar residue, starch residue, wood chips, etc. It has a good effect on opening up new resources, responding to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, and reducing environmental pollution.

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