Introduction of drying equipment for waste beer yeast

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Waste beer yeast drying equipment is the main equipment for the recycling of waste yeast resources in breweries. It can quickly remove excess water from yeast and facilitate transportation or feed processing. Many users who are new to the industry do not know much about this equipment. This article briefly introduces beer waste yeast for you. Drying equipment and show yeast dryer.

Introduction of beer waste yeast drying equipment

Brewer's yeast drying equipment is divided into single dryer and double dryer. It is a dryer that heats materials and vaporizes water by indirect conduction heating, and uses steam to heat. The process principle: the yeast is preheated in the preheating tank, preheated to about 50 °C, and fed into the dipping tank at the lower part of the drying cylinder with a feeding pump, the drying cylinder is immersed for about 60-80mm, and the outer surface of the rotating drying cylinder is stained. Apply a uniform layer of slurry (that is, the thickness of the film), the steam pressure is 0.15-0.3Mpa in the drying cylinder, the slurry is heated on the outer wall of the drying cylinder, and the water is evaporated and discharged by the axial flow fan. When the drying cylinder rotates for one week, the material is dried, and the flake material is discharged by the scraper on the outer wall of the drying cylinder, and then falls to the discharge port for collection.

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