Installation site: Anhui distillers grain dryer project

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 Recently, the distillers grain dryer equipment designed and produced by Zhengzhou Dingli for Anhui customers arrived at the installation site smoothly. Next, the installation and commissioning will be completed at a faster speed to ensure that the project is put into operation as scheduled.

Distillers grain dryer is also known as multi-layer plate type rotary drum dryer. distillers' grain dryer is based on retaining the advantages of ordinary single-layer or multi-layer drum dryer. It cannot be adapted to moisture greater than 60% Weak bonding, drying of cohesive materials and the defects of low evaporation capacity per unit area and high fuel energy consumption due to the "black hole" phenomenon in the center of the drum, optimize the internal structure design, strengthen the throwing and dispersing functions of materials, and fill the center of the drum" "Black hole", the surface area of the material is fully expanded, and the material is fully contacted with the hot air to transfer heat and evaporate the moisture of the material. Because the material particles are minimized, the heat transfer and moisture evaporation speed is greatly increased.

Zhengzhou Dingli can produce customized distillers grain dryer products, please consult us if you need them.

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