How to deal with waste vegetable leaves? Can it be processed into feed?

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 The vegetable market produces a large amount of waste vegetable leaves every day. These waste vegetable leaves can be recycled and processed into feed, organic fertilizer, etc. to realize their resource reuse. What are the waste vegetable leaf processing equipment? How to recycle waste vegetable leaves? This article answers for you.

The complete set of equipment for waste vegetable leaf processing production line consists of waste vegetable leaf crusher, waste vegetable leaf dehydrator, heat source equipment, conveyor, waste vegetable leaf dryer, dust collector, power distribution cabinet, etc. Because fresh waste vegetable leaves contain a lot of moisture Therefore, before processing feed or organic fertilizer, it is necessary to use waste vegetable leaf dehydration and drying equipment for mechanical dehydration treatment, which is convenient for waste vegetable leaf feed or waste vegetable leaf organic fertilizer reuse, and improves resource utilization rate.

Waste vegetable leaf recycling machinery and equipment technology

The waste vegetable leaves are transported to the waste vegetable leaf crusher for crushing treatment, the crushed vegetable leaves are transported to the dehydrator for pre-dehydration, the dehydrated vegetable leaves are transported to the waste vegetable leaf dryer, and the plates are copied inside. Under turning, the waste vegetable leaves are fully in contact with the hot air, and the water is quickly evaporated to about 12%, which meets the water content standard for waste vegetable leaves preservation or feed and organic fertilizer processing. The subsequent processes such as granulation and packaging can be configured according to the user's production requirements.

Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of waste vegetable leaf processing production line equipment. The production equipment recommends reasonable selection and configuration according to user needs. Production can be customized according to customer needs, if you need it, welcome to consult.

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