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What should be paid attention to when choosing the heat source of the bean curd dregs steam dryer?

  At present, with the development of drying technology, the choice of heat source for bean dregs steam dryers is becoming more and more extensive. At present, there are natural gas, coal, oil, steam, biomass and other heat sources in the drying equipment market, so what should be paid attention to when choosing the heat source of the bean dregs steam dryer?

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  1. Ensure the drying quality of tofu dregs

  The drying quality of bean curd residue is closely related to the selection of heat source. Generally speaking, when drying bean curd residue, try to choose clean and stable fuel. Clean fuel avoids contaminating materials and has a good drying effect. In addition, the quality of the finished product directly determines the value of the material. Therefore, the choice of heat source should consider the drying quality of the material. At the same time, the bean curd dregs steam dryer with clean fuel sources can improve the entire bean curd dregs drying production environment, which is conducive to improving equipment production.

  2. Sufficient supply and easy access

  The bean curd dregs steam dryer needs to consume a large amount of fuel heat source during normal operation, and the user needs to provide a large amount of fuel in time, so as to effectively control the fuel cost of the bean curd dregs steam dryer. Therefore, when users choose the heat source of bean curd steam drying equipment, they should consider the convenience and cost price of fuel collection, which is more conducive to drying production and business development.

  3. Pay attention to the environmental protection of fuel

  In recent years, with the continuous introduction of environmental protection policies, coal, fuel and other heat sources are very limited. During the working process, the environmentally friendly heat source produces less waste gas, and the waste gas treatment is simpler. It can easily meet the local environmental protection standards, protect the surrounding environment, and improve the environmental protection level in the production process of bean curd dregs drying.

  4. Ensure the reliability of the heat source of the bean curd dregs steam dryer

  The stability and reliability of drying operations are the basic issues that need to be paid attention to in industrial production. Only in this way can the entire drying production operation be carried out smoothly and orderly. According to the flammability, and physical and chemical properties of the material, such as explosiveness, choose a suitable heat source.

  5. The type and material characteristics of the dryer

  According to the different types and material properties of the bean curd dregs steam dryer, the selection of heat source will also be different.

  6. Pay attention to the heating method

  According to the contact mode of hot air and materials, heating can be divided into direct heating and indirect heating. Explosive, fast-oxidizing fuels should be heated indirectly after full combustion.

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