Dingli Black Soldier Fly Larvae drying equipment can quickly dry insects into high protein feed. Animal protein feed has high nutritional value, including high protein, mineral elements, vitamin content, and low sugar content. It can be used to replace concentrated feed to feed livestock and poultry and famous fish products to increase breeding output and economic benefits.



The insect larvae dryer is a new type of environmentally friendly energy-saving drying equipment developed and produced by Dingli. It can be used for drying materials such as black water fly, yellow mealworm, silkworm pupae, fly maggots, etc., with fast drying speed, high drying quality, and beautiful color after drying. It can maintain the original appearance, the water content is low after drying, the puffing effect is pronounced, it is easy to grind, and the effective ingredients are better retained. Dingli insect dryer has been reasonably developed and effectively improved the utilization of animal protein feed resources and promoted the rapid development of animal husbandry. 



 The fresh larvae enter the dryer and are evenly distributed on the drum feed plate and the tower tube rotation, and fully contact with the steam tube heat exchanger to achieve heat transfer, mass transfer, low temperature drying, water vaporization and dispersion. With the discharge of air, the material The moisture in the BSF gradually decreases, and the BSF completes the drying process.

The main structure of the equipment

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Model Capacity(T/H) Initial moisture(%) Final moisture(%) Drying temperature(℃) Total Power(kw)
DLSG1415 0.8-1.5 35-50 12-15 110-250℃ 25-35
DLSG1615 1.5-2.5 30-50
DLSG2212 2.5-4.5 40-60
DLSG2912 4.5-6 50-80
Note: Increase the external fin tube heat exchanger of the dryer, drying capacity and water evaporation capacity increased 40-80%.



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