The bentonite dryer is mainly used for the drying of various types of clay mud such as bentonite, kaolin, aluminum, and iron clay, and solves some problems of sticking, crushing, and drying. Dingli Group successfully launched the bentonite dryer according to this development direction.

The bentonite dryer can adapt to various fuels such as coal, oil, gas, etc. At present, the fluidized boiler is favored by users due to its convenient operation, energy saving, environmental protection, and easy purchase of raw materials. Some manufacturers also choose natural gas or coal gas generators for conversion, and the gas is burned for a second time to achieve the drying effect. It conforms to the country's policy of creating an environment-friendly and resource-saving society and is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving product that replaces traditional drying equipment.

clay powder

clay powder



 The drying system is mainly composed of a hot air stove, belt feeder, drum dryer, belt discharger, induced draft fan, cyclone dust collector, bag dust collector (or wet dust collector), and operation control system. The equipment adopts a downstream drying process, and its working principle is as follows: After the wet material enters the drying drum, it is divided into the following working areas: One is the guide area, where the mineral slag enters this area and contacts with the high-temperature hot air to quickly evaporate water, and the material is at a large lead angle When the material guide plate is moved, it is led to the next working area; the second is the plate cutting area, where the mineral slag is picked up by the plate to form a material curtain. At this time, the material is in full contact with the hot air, and the slag in the mineral slag The water evaporates and strips into water vapor, and the water vapor is drawn away by the induced draft fan, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the mineral slag; the mineral slag is dried into a loose state with moisture less than 5% (or lower) in this area. After the heat exchange, the material reaches the required moisture state and enters the final discharging area; the third is the discharging area, where the drum is not equipped with a copy plate, and the material rolls and slides to the discharge port in this area to complete the entire drying process.

The main structure of the equipment

structure diagram.png structure diagram.png
Equipment Output (T/D) Moisture content of raw material (%) Final moisture content (%) Total Power (kw) Spatial footprint (m²)
DLHG1615 200 20-30% <5% 100 8*25
DLHG1916 300 120 8*26
DLHG2218 500 160 10*35
DLHG2520 700 200 10*40
DLHG2820 1000 290 12*40
DLHG3430 1500 420 15*46
DLHG4032 2000 500 15*50
Note: The production capacity of the equipment is directly related to the proportion of mineral slag to reduce the moisture, the precipitation ratio is large, and the equipment production capacity is reduced accordingly. Specific consulting firm.




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