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Hunan lithium slag dryer plant has put into production

The lithium slag dryer ordered by a Hunan customer has been finished assembled. The equipment has put into production after trial operation.

Dingli slag dryer widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical industry, cement and other industries, and can be used to dry slag, carbide slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water slag and other materials.

The slag dryer or slag dryer is also a rotary dryer, which is mainly composed of a rotary cylinder, air induction equipment, high-speed breaking equipment, and a lifting plate. The slag dryer has reasonable design, excellent production, stable performance, advanced technology, high output, low energy consumption, small footprint and high degree of mechanization.


ore slag dryer

Dingli is a professional drying equipment manufacturer with 20 years of manufacturing experience. Dingli ore slag dryer processing capacity is relatively large, the overload resistance is strong, the thermal efficiency is high, and the energy consumption is reduced by about 20% compared with other dryers, which directly reduces the drying cost. The large and small transmission gears replace the traditional cast steel gears, which saves cost and investment, and greatly reduces maintenance costs and time. Innovation has been achieved in the internal structure, which strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed materials, and eliminates the sticking phenomenon on the inner wall of the cylinder.

Dingli slag dryer can meet the particle size and moisture requirements of different users for slag materials after drying. It is suitable for slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water slag, coal slime, sludge and other materials with high humidity and specific gravity. Welcome your consultation.

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  • Q:What's your business model? Trading company or factory?

    We are a 15 years factory, all our machinery are manufactured by ourselves, factory direct sales, product quality and after-sales service can be guarantee.

  • Q:Can I visit your factory?

    Yes. Many domestic and international customers visit our factory every year. Our company is located in Zhengzhou Henan province, China, you can come here by air or train. The nearest airport is Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, and the Airport Code is CGO. We will pick you up at airport. Welcome to visit our factory.

  • Q:What is the Quality of your products?

    Dingli Group products come with best quality, and our products passed CE certification, exported to lots countries around the word, such as Australia, Malaysia, India, Italy ,Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, etc. You can rest assured with the quality absolutely.

  • Q:What is the process for purchasing equipment?

    Contact customer service - understand the basic situation - equipment quota-tion - sign contract - equipment production

  • Q:Do you provide after-sale service?

    Contact customer service - understand the basic situation - equipment quota-tion - sign contract - equipment production