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Apple pomace can be used as compound feed after drying

The apple pomace dryer uses apple pomace as the main raw material. After dehydration, dedusting, purification, high-temperature drying, concentration and crushing, sterilization, decomposition and deodorization, the apple pomace is dried into granular finished products with a moisture content of less than 13%. The products produced by this machine use apple pomace as raw material without any chemical components. Apple pomace moisture is the internal moisture enclosed in pectin. Generally, the previous single-stage drum dryers do not have the physical characteristics for apple pomace, which not only consumes a lot of energy, but also costs a lot of drying, and also causes waste to a certain extent. Dingli three-layer drum apple pomace dryer has a good drying effect on apple pomace, without loss of nutrients, and can save energy. Really energy-saving drying is really energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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Dingli apple pomace dryer has a large precipitation range, and can dry fresh pomace with a moisture content of 82% to below 13% at one time. The processing capacity is large, and a single set of equipment can process 40-300 tons of fresh pomace per day. The design and manufacture of relevant components have taken into account the requirements of ensuring mechanical properties when working under long-term high temperature conditions, and can ensure the long-term continuous drying operation under full load. The coal-fired hot-blast stove is used as the heat source of the drying system. The coal-fired hot-blast stove has strong adaptability to coal types. The grate is continuously variable speed transmission, and the coal is fully burned. The overall thermal efficiency of the hot-blast stove can reach more than 90%. The pomace dryer uses a rotary drum dryer as the main machine of the drying system. It has a simple structure, less failures, low maintenance costs, large production capacity, and can ensure long-term continuous operation. The entire drying system adopts electrical centralized control, which has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate. After the drying section, it can be connected with follow-up sections such as crushing, mixing, granulating, and packaging to produce pomace pellet feed products.

Dried apple pomace powder can be used as a raw material for compound (mixed) feed, and can replace part of corn and bran. There are better market economic benefits. For specific information about equipment, welcome to consult online.

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