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Quartz sand dryer manufacturer from China with discount price

The first step in the processing of sand, gravel, and aggregates after mining is a washing and classification process. The material may be screened and stored but at some point moisture content needs to be reduced to meet a specification required for the sale or further processing. How to choose a sand dryer to dry your mineral product can be the greatest cost-saving?

Large-scale sand drum dryers can be used for the dehydration drying and upgrading equipment of high-humidity wastes such as quartz sand, slag, bentonite, kaolin, etc. Low drying cost, mature technology, large reserves, simple operation, low manpower requirements.

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Quartz sand is quartz particles made by crushing quartz stone. Quartzite is a non-metallic mineral, a hard, wear-resistant, chemically stable silicate mineral. Some quartz sand with large water content is not suitable for market the trade, so it is necessary to dry the moisture. Rotary drum dryers can be heated by high-temperature hot air or steam pipes for drying. This is an indirect dryer. The specific technical solutions can be customized according to user requirements and available resources.

Dingli has manufactured various slag, mineral slags such as bentonite, sand, and other drying equipment for more than 20 years. Welcome to consult online for customizing quartz sand dryer. We can give you details and quotation.

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  • Q:What's your business model? Trading company or factory?

    We are a 15 years factory, all our machinery are manufactured by ourselves, factory direct sales, product quality and after-sales service can be guarantee.

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    Yes. Many domestic and international customers visit our factory every year. Our company is located in Zhengzhou Henan province, China, you can come here by air or train. The nearest airport is Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, and the Airport Code is CGO. We will pick you up at airport. Welcome to visit our factory.

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    Dingli Group products come with best quality, and our products passed CE certification, exported to lots countries around the word, such as Australia, Malaysia, India, Italy ,Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, etc. You can rest assured with the quality absolutely.

  • Q:What is the process for purchasing equipment?

    Contact customer service - understand the basic situation - equipment quota-tion - sign contract - equipment production

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    Contact customer service - understand the basic situation - equipment quota-tion - sign contract - equipment production