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What can coconut bran do after drying?

Coconut bran is a powder of coconut shell fibers, which is a byproduct or waste of processed coconut. It is a pure natural organic medium that falls off during the processing of coconut shell fibers. Long high-quality coconut silk is mainly used for producing mattresses, sofas, brushes, ropes, seat cushions, and fillers. It can also be used as environmentally friendly building materials, brooms, coconut nets, coconut ropes, coconut blankets, coconut frames, coconut pillows, and other household items.

cocopeat dryer

The short debris is coconut bran. Currently, the comprehensive utilization of coconut bran includes: producing coconut bran bricks as high-quality cultivation media; Carbonization: Coconut bran can be pressed and sold after carbonization; Crushed biomass particles are sold as fuel.

Coconut fiber can be applied in multiple fields after drying, with natural sustainability and environmental characteristics, making it widely used in various industrial and agricultural applications. If you need coconut bran drying equipment, please feel free to inquire!

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