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Complete plant of coal slime drying process

The drying process of coal slime usually involves a series of steps and equipment to ensure effective drying of the coal slime and removal of excess moisture. The following is a simplified overview of the slime drying process:


Determine the raw materials and quantity of coal slime to be dried.

Prepare coal slime drying equipment and related auxiliary equipment, such as conveyors, dust collectors, etc.

Carry out preliminary screening and impurity removal treatment for coal slime to remove large impurities and foreign matter to ensure the quality and stability of coal slime.

Carry out necessary cleaning and maintenance of drying equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

Slime loading:

Send the prepared coal slime into the drying equipment through conveyors and other equipment.

During the loading process, pay attention to the even distribution of slime and avoid excessive accumulation to ensure uniform drying effect.

Ensure that the load of coal slurry does not exceed the load limit of the drying equipment to avoid equipment damage or safety accidents.

coal dryer

Drying process:

Drying equipment usually uses hot air or hot flue gas as a heat source to evaporate the moisture in the coal slime through heating.

The coal slime contacts and mixes with hot air or hot flue gas in the drying equipment, so that the moisture in the coal slime gradually evaporates and is discharged.

During the drying process, parameters such as temperature and wind speed of the drying equipment can be adjusted as needed to control the drying effect and drying speed.

Exhaust gas treatment:

The exhaust gas generated during the drying process contains water vapor and other volatile substances and needs to be processed through equipment such as dust collectors.

The dust collector can remove dust and particulate matter in the exhaust gas, while the wet dust collector can further remove harmful substances in the exhaust gas.

The treated exhaust gas can be discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney or recycled.

Finished product collection:

The dried coal slime can be collected through conveyors and other equipment and further screened and impurities removed.

The final dry coal slurry can be used for various industrial purposes, such as fuel, manufacturing materials, etc.

It should be noted that the drying process of coal slime may vary depending on specific equipment and process conditions. Therefore, it needs to be adjusted and optimized according to specific conditions in actual operation.

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