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Cassava lees dryer manufacturers share: process flow chart of cassava alcohol lees drying production line



  Cassava lees can be reused by drying. What is the drying process of cassava lees? Today, the editor of the cassava lees dryer manufacturer shares the flow chart of the cassava lees drying production line.

 cassava lees dryer

  The cassava alcohol lees enter the inner layer of the rotary drum from the feeding device to achieve co-current drying. The cassava alcohol lees move to the other end of the inner layer and enter the middle layer for counter-current drying. The cassava alcohol lees are continuously raised in the middle layer. In a two-step, one-step-back mode, the cassava alcohol grain travels to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer. The cassava alcohol grain travels in a rectangular multi-loop way in the outer drum. The cassava alcohol grain that achieves the drying effect is quickly under the action of hot air The wet cassava alcohol lees that have not reached the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to their own weight. The cassava alcohol lees are fully dried in this rectangular copy board, thus completing the drying purpose.


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