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Alfalfa dryer pictures and prices



  The alfalfa dryer is the main equipment for alfalfa to extend its preservation period and improve its nutritional value. It has the advantages of compact structure, mature technology, large production capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, and simple operation. It is deeply favored by forage processing and farm users. Love, how much does the alfalfa dryer cost? This article gives you a brief introduction, including live pictures will be presented together


  Alfalfa dryer price (contains alfalfa drying site map)

  Field map of alfalfa dryer

  How much does the alfalfa dryer cost? Since the alfalfa dryer is not composed of a single device, the process can be designed according to the user's production needs, such as crushing/kneading, dehydration, drying, granulation, packaging/bundling, etc., with a daily output of 10 tons to 500 The moisture content of alfalfa is about 12% after drying. It adopts plc intelligent temperature control system, simple operation and stable temperature control. It is also equipped with a variety of heating systems and dust removal systems for efficient production. How much is the specific price of alfalfa dryer? It is also possible to make specific calculations for you based on your capacity needs, production line configuration, moisture requirements, etc.

  If you want to invest in alfalfa dryer, and you have any questions about investment details, site planning, equipment procurement, production budget and other issues, you can consult our technical staff for free. Zhengzhou Dingli has professional engineers to customize for you free of charge Economical and reasonable production plan, provide a full set of preferential quotation.

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