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How much is one apple pomace drying equipment/Custom feed drum dryer



  Apple pomace can be used as feed with good nutrition and economic benefits, reducing feed costs. Therefore, waste apple pomace is increasingly recycled through dehydration equipment. The main dehydration equipment includes apple pomace dehydration machine and apple pomace dryer, and how much is an apple pomace dryer? Our company provides free quotation plan.

  Apple pomace dryer

  The apple pomace dryer uses a three-layer rotary drum drying structure. The heat source equipment can use gas, coal gas, biomass fuel, fuel oil and other hot air stoves for heating. The wet apple pomace directly exchanges heat with high temperature hot air to quickly and strongly evaporate water to achieve Drying effect, the apple pomace dryer of this kind of drying structure is more characterized by large production volume, small footprint, high heat utilization rate, so the drying cost is relatively lower.

Another type of apple pomace drying equipment is mainly a steam tube drum dryer, which is more environmentally friendly and has lower consumption than apple pomace air dryers. But users are required to have available steam resources, the temperature is above 110 degrees.

  How much is an apple pomace drying equipment

  Zhengzhou Dingli has customized the feed drum dryer for 15 years. The products involve the dehydration of various waste residues such as lees, sauce residues, vinegar residues, tea residues, stevia residues, beet residues, waste vegetable leaves, corn skins, bean residues, potato residues, starch residues, etc. Drying and processing of feed, mature technology, many feed dryer projects, reasonable prices and affordable, how much is one apple pomace drying equipment, our company provides a free quotation plan, detailed analysis of how much it costs to dry one ton of apple pomace, and what configuration , How big the model, how big the power and other technical parameters.

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