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  The pomace dryer is the same as the feed drying equipment. Most of the tumble dryer is used as the main machine, and the extrusion dehydrator is equipped with high temperature and hot air drying process. It is suitable for the dehydration and drying of various fruit pomace and fruit peels. The daily processing is large, and there is no restriction on the dryer model. How much is a set of pomace dryer?



  Fruit peel extrusion dehydration drying equipment

  The screw extrusion dehydrator can be used for dehydration of fruit pomace or fruit peel. The price is low and the dehydration effect is good. The model is also single-shaft extruder and double-shaft, three-shaft extruder, which can handle large amounts; belt-type dehydrator can also be used More high-humidity waste residues are dehydrated.

  The three-layer rotary pomace dryer is also very common, and the drying drum of the multilayer copy board structure is also suitable. The high-humidity hot-air drying process, using gas, biomass pellets, etc. as the hot-blast stove fuel has become the current trend, ensuring that the pomace dryer equipment smoothly passes the EIA and avoiding the problem of coal burning pollution.

  There is no restriction on the model of the pomace dryer, and the daily processing capacity is large. The moisture content of the dried pomace is generally 15%, and the quality is guaranteed for long-term storage or pomace feed or fertilizer.

  How much is the pomace dryer?

  How much is a set of pomace dehydration and drying equipment? The quotation is based on the practical value, which will make a lot of profits. At the same time, there is no cost for the later installation and technical debugging. Hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands, with its own specifications and models, equipment quality and low drying costs as the basis, the detailed quotation plan can be seen.

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