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  The economic downturn in 2020 is global, and the impact is obvious. Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturer has shipped more than 40 cars in a single month. This is also very gratifying for large industrial dryer manufacturers, and it is also for me. An affirmation and verification of the soundlessness of the company's comprehensive strength.


  Our company is located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. It is a large-scale drying technology research and development and innovation and customized production of dryer equipment. The main business is coal drying equipment with the core dryer and distiller’s lees dryer. , Bean dregs dryer and forage dryer for feed drying equipment, biomass drying equipment based on sawdust dryer, slag drying equipment based on river sand sludge dryer, 15 years of tailor-made, innovative and improved, has long been widely distributed in user cases, and the reputation of large-scale industrial dryers continues to rise. It is an old brand manufacturer.

  Delivering more than 40 vehicles in a single month is an outbreak of our company, and it is also a verification of the stable development of the company and the strategic decision of the company. The pursuit of high-humidity waste dehydration and drying costs lower and drying technology more environmentally friendly are in line with market needs, and more Represents the actual interests of users.

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