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  Corn stalk drying rotary dryer equipment also has a variety of models and drying processes, among which rotary dryers are one of them, and many users choose tumble dryers to dry corn stalks. The daily processing capacity is large and the cost is low. Dryer manufacturers have sufficient supply, and a corn stalk dryer is not expensive.


  Corn stalk drying using industrial tumble dryers is technically more mature, and the cost of drying one ton of straw boards is also a lower cost visible to the naked eye, and the rotary dryer adopts a three-layer rotary drying structure, and the output Large corn stalk dryer equipment with the same drying capacity, the drying drum occupies a smaller area, and the process is more simplified, so it is more practical, and the cost of building land is lower.

  Zhengzhou Dingli corn stalk dryer manufacturers can customize corn stalk dryers of any model and configuration standard. A set of dryers of hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands are free of their corresponding value. Worry-free value is always our company The basic principle is also the fundamental quotation principle, which is more practical.

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