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  The bagasse dryer is the main equipment for resource utilization of waste residue from sugarcane processing plants. The wet bagasse quickly evaporates the bagasse moisture by contact with hot air, which is convenient for long-term storage and reuse. So how much does it cost to invest in a bagasse dryer equipment? This article will answer for you.

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  Bagasse drying treatment process

  Before introducing the price of equipment, let everyone know about the complete set of equipment and processing technology for bagasse drying, which will help users have a clearer direction when choosing equipment and better meet their own production needs.

  The whole set of bagasse dryer equipment is composed of heating system, dehydration system, feeding system, transportation system, drying system, dust removal system, automatic control system, etc. It is stable in operation, easy to operate, supports customization, and meets large, medium and small-scale bagasse Production demand. The process flow is as follows: the bagasse is directly fed into the dryer by the feeding screw, and is repeatedly picked up and scattered by the plate on the wall of the radiating pipe in the drum. The material fully contacts the high temperature medium under negative pressure to complete the heat and mass transfer process. . Due to the inclination angle of the dryer and the effect of the induced draft, the material moves slowly from the feed end, and is discharged by the discharge screw after drying. The tail gas is discharged into the atmosphere after being removed by the dust collector.

  How much is the bagasse dryer equipment?

  The price of a bagasse dryer on the market is about hundreds of thousands to one million. Because different users have different equipment configurations and models, and the choices of manufacturers, the price will be affected, which will cause the difference in the price of the equipment, and the equipment The larger the model, the more expensive it is, but the performance of the relative equipment will be more stable and the production efficiency will be higher.

  Bagasse dryer manufacturer

  Zhengzhou Dingli is an old manufacturer with 20 years of experience in R&D, production, and sales. The bagasse dryer equipment produced is made of high wear-resistant materials, scientific and reasonable structure, high efficiency, and the factory direct sales model, the equipment price is more favorable. And provide free equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance and other services.





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