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  Soy sauce residue is the main waste in the soy sauce production process. It is rich in active nutrients. After being dried by the soy sauce residue dryer, it has many uses, such as feed, organic fertilizer and fuel etc.


  Fresh soy sauce residue has a water content of about 50, which is easy to decay and breed harmful organisms, and is easy to smell. It needs to be dried before resource utilization, while soysauce residue dryer is aimed at the characteristics of high water and high salt of soy sauce residue. , Through the high temperature or low temperature drying process, the moisture content of soy sauce residue can be quickly reduced to meet the water content standard of soy sauce residue for long-term storage or feed and organic fertilizer processing.

  Drying and reusing the soy sauce residue not only solves the environmental pollution caused by the deterioration of the wet soy sauce residue, but also effectively improves the added economic value of the soy sauce residue and creates secondary benefits for the enterprise. Dingli soy sauce residue dryers are customized and supplied. One-to-one tailor-made soy sauce residue drying feed processing and soy sauce residue drying organic fertilizer processing flow production plan and production line equipment configuration, and provide equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance and other services. Friends who want to know more equipment process details, technical parameters or want to see the scene nearby can call +8615670626070

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