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  The Shandong black algae residue dryer project successfully completed the equipment installation and commissioning today. This set of equipment uses natural gas as fuel for heating and meets the local environmental protection requirements of the Shandong project. This is also the core concern of users. At present, the black algae residue dryer has been delivered to customers.


  Black algae residue is distributed in many provinces in my country, Shandong Province is also one of them, and at the same time, it is relatively close to Henan. Therefore, choosing our company as a supplier of black algae residue dryer equipment is not only because of our rotation The tumble dryer has fine workmanship, stable operation, large daily processing capacity, small footprint, environmental protection and energy saving, and it also has an advantage in transportation distance and cost.

  Shandong is the main target market of our tumble dryer. The Shandong black algae residue dryer project is the icing on the cake, but it is also a success for our company to open the black algae residue drying market.

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