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  There are special mechanical equipment for hay rapid drying, which can also be called hay drying system. Rotating drums are often used for rapid drying with low-temperature hot air. Drying the hay taste and grass color can increase the price of hay feed. Drying hay samples can be seen in the video of the hay drying system, which was recorded at the user's hay drying system production site.

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  Hay fast drying

  The fast drying method of hay grass is no better than the low-temperature hot air rapid drying of the tumble dryer. Its advantages have 4 points. One of them is the large daily processing capacity of the hay dryer. The conversion of hay and fodder is completed within the expected time. The daily processing capacity of an hay  dryer is from 10 tons to more than 100 tons per day, and the specifications and models are not limited;

  The second is that the manpower requirements are low, the area is small, hay dryer is durable and high-yield, the drying process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the cost of drying one ton of alfalfa is not high.

After the third alfalfa grass is fast, the grass color is green and the taste is good, hay dries quickly in a few seconds, and the nutrient loss is small.

  The fourth is the rapid drying of alfalfa grass, while supporting hay  grinder and baler, or alfalfa grass pelletizer and other related supporting equipment to directly process alfalfa grass pellets. The all-in-one machine of hay dryer manufacturers is free of charge for installation, commissioning and after-sales, with high efficiency and low cost.

  Hay drying system equipment video:

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