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  The sweet potato residue dryer is the main equipment for the secondary utilization of wet sweet potato residue in the sweet potato starch factory. It is mainly responsible for drying the wet sweet potato residue. The water content of the treated sweet potato residue is about 12%, which can be processed into high-quality feed for livestock breeding.The market prospect is good. 

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  How much wet sweet potato powder dregs can be processed by the sweet potato residue dryer in one hour

  The large user demand for this equipment has caused many manufacturers to invest in production. The sweet potato residue dryer models produced by different manufacturers have different output values. The sweet potato residue dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli can process 1 ton in an hour. -20 tons, except for this output value range. It also supports tailor-made services to better suit users' actual production needs and reduce users' overall investment costs.

  How much is a sweet potato residue dryer?

  The price of the sweet potato residue dryer needs to be combined with the actual configuration. There is no reference value. The sweet potato residue dryer equipment is based on the heat source selected by the user and the environmental impact assessment standards of each region. There are many production line configuration options. Therefore, the sweet potato residue dryer There is no accurate quotation for reference.

 If you want to buy an economical sweet potato residue dryer, it is recommended that you come to Zhengzhou Dingli to take a look. The professional technical engineer will tailor the production plan and equipment configuration for you according to your production needs. Factory direct sales, lifetime after-sales, welcome You come to the factory to inspect the testing equipment at any time.

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