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A large amount of cassava residue is produced during the processing of cassava. A large amount of waste cassava residue can be used as feed after dehydration and drying. The cassava residue contains certain nutrients, which reduces the cost of animal husbandry.

Cassava residue dryer: Waste cassava residue generally contains a lot of water, so it needs to be dehydrated. After being processed by Dingli cassava residue dehydration equipment, it enters Dingli cassava residue dryer equipment through conveying equipment, and the cassava in Dingli cassava residue dryer The dregs are continuously picked up and scattered under the squeezing board and move forward in a spiral manner. The built-in stirring blade device fully stirs and breaks the cassava dregs to fully expand the heat exchange area between the cassava dregs and the heat. It quickly evaporates and vaporizes, reaching about 35%, completes the drum drying process, is discharged by the screw conveyor, enters the semi-wet cassava residue special crusher, crushes the size of the cassava residue below the specified specification, enters the pulse air drying process, and the cassava residue quickly drops to Customers demand moisture.

Cassava residues are dehydrated, dried and reused in many areas. Zhengzhou Dingli can customize production according to customer needs. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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