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King bamboo grass has large, plump and green leaves, well-developed plants, fast growth, high nutrition, and good animal palatability. Alfalfa, Astragalus, and ryegrass are now the main pastures. Fresh king bamboo grass is not easy to store, and can be stored for a long time after drying, which is convenient for transportation. King bamboo grass is a high-quality forage for raising various animals and livestock, which can reduce feeding costs.

The working principle of the forage dryer: the forage grass is continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the copy board, and moves forward in a spiral manner. After the inner, middle and outer layers, the heat exchange between the forage and the hot air is realized, and the forage is fully carried out in the control stroke. Drying, to achieve the drying effect, the moisture of the forage grass is reduced to 14-18% (to meet the customer's requirements), the drying process is completed, and after crushing, it is discharged by the screw conveyor. A special removal device is installed inside the drum to prevent uneven drying of the forage.

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