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Distiller's lees is dried as feed for livestock and poultry. Distiller's lees is rich in protein. After dehydration and drying, the distiller's dried grains are mixed and fed with other feeds in proportion to reduce feeding costs and increase market application value.

The cost of drying distiller’s grains roughly includes expenditures on raw materials, space, labor, equipment, fuel, and electricity. The cost of raw materials, space, labor, electricity, and fuel needs to be determined according to the local consumption level. In addition, the cost of equipment also accounts for a large amount. The proportion of distiller’s dried grains, and how much it costs to buy vinasse dryer equipment depends on the actual production needs, because the equipment configured for different production situations is different, including equipment configuration, model, etc., so the distiller’s dried grain dryer equipment The cost input needs to be determined according to the user's requirements.

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