Dingli’s brewer’s spent grain dryer new debut to open a new milestone in environmental protection

2017-11-08 21:46:07
Dingli’s brewer’s spent grain dryer manufacturers perennial dedicated to the development of efficient environmental protection drying technology, the use of new heat source structure and drying technology to achieve high-temperature environmental protection usher in a new era of environmental protection drying.
First of all, our brewer's spent grain dryer adopts the downstream drying process to fully realize the heat exchange and the thermal conversion, which improves the drying efficiency and the heat utilization rate, reduces the exhaust gas temperature of the brewer's grain dryer and the emission concentration of tail gas dust to ensure energy saving and green for the purpose.   
Brewer's spent grain dryer in the manufacturing process of all environmentally friendly materials drawn from renewable resources or industrial waste, can be synthesized to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources. Environmental heat source is to make the material burn more thoroughly and greatly reduce the emissions of pollutants to make combustion more clean and environmental protection. In addition, my company's R & D department after years of unremitting efforts can be as a boiler exhaust gas exhaust dryer heat heating source, the successful launch of boiler exhaust gas dryer to achieve reuse of resources, energy conservation and environmental protection.