Small brewer's grain dryer popular models how much output?

2017-11-11 17:15:25
More and more self-employed investment brewer's grain dryer for feed processing, so the small brewer's grain dryer model began to hit the hot, whether consulting or volume accounted for a larger proportion. Dingli the smallest models handle 2 tons of lees per hour, the price is relatively lower.
Small brewer's grain dryer hot is the market is a good sign of good hint, indicating that the lees recycling rate will be higher and higher. Previously, the company focused its energies on tackling the dried distiller's grains of large-scale wine companies such as Venus, Budweiser and Snowflake. The Budweiser Project has achieved 3 projects with a daily output of 600 tons a day. With the growing demand for small distiller's grain dryers, the price of small brewer's grain dryers has been greatly reduced to help make more profits and follow the development of the market.