Dingli biomass dryer to make full use of advantages

2018-03-08 21:31:06

Recently, the high-efficiency biomass dryer equipment developed by Zhengzhou Dingli for energy saving and environmental protection has been busy at the customer's first site and isextremely popular with customers. So, the new biomass dryer what are the unique advantages?
biomass dryer.jpg
In order to provide a new type of biomass dryer with better environmental protection effects,  Dingli adopts a rigorous model in terms of structural design and auxiliary configuration, as follows:

In the structural design, using energy-saving environmental protection system, greatly reduced the amount of exclusive Xanadu, Dairy residues in the drying process effectively control the dust and reduce environmental pollution. In order to better environmental protection, the new biomass dryer optimized the feeding system, not only the layout is more reasonable, the material handling more fully, but also to enhance the sealing effect, but also from the root causes of dust generation, let It becomes a real green device.