How to deal with stale brewer's grain spent dryer

2018-06-01 21:24:48
For the brewery, the treatment of fresh vinasse is more flexible, but for some brewers who need to purchase and be transported, what is not the fresh brewer's grain spent? First, a set of brewer's grain spent dryer is needed to dry and improve the high-humidity brewer's grain spent for a long time, and then it is more scientific and reasonable, whether it is used for fermentation or mixing feed granules.
Is it fresh and fermented? First of all, brewers need additives to sterilize,  so direct fermentation is not appropriate. The main function of the brewer's grain spent dryer is dryness and quality, and drying brewer's grain spent has a long storage time, which is convenient for transportation, storage and reprocessing. At the same time, brewer's grain spent dryer has a flexible control over the final moisture of the brewer's grain spent, has a small influence on the taste. And has a small secondary pollution, which is more suitable for the upgrading of brewer's grain spent.
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