Comprehensive utilization of BSG and Beer Yeast

2018-06-07 17:37:03

In are becoming more and more important because of their rich nutritional value many feed resources that need to be developed, bee rspent grain and yeast and considerable output. In recent years, beer production has developed rapidly in the world. In 2017, the output of beer was 18500 million liters, which could produce about about 3000000 tons of dried beer spent grain and yeast residues and 750 thousand tons of feed protein. But so far, only a small amount of these BSG and yeast are sold as coarse fodder, most of which have been abandoned, water washed away on the day of rain, or fermented and stinky and breeding mosquitoes and flies. This is a waste of resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is imperative to develop and utilize beer grains and yeast. At present, the price of dry wine water in the international market is 160-220 US dollars per ton, China's sales price is 1300-1600 RMB / ton, the international market price of dry beer yeast powder is 800-1100 US dollars per ton, and the sales price of China is 4500-6000 RMB / ton, and the market is very good.



Brewer's grain spent dryer are major by-products in the beer production. However, high moisture (80-85%) brings a lot of problems on utilization and transportation. Today the best way to solve this problem is to dehydrate BSG and transfer them into composite feed, which could be effectively absorbed. According to the need of different livestock, people could make variable feed by adding specific additive such as trace element. By this way, brewer's grain spent dryer could get fully used, which could bring priceless environmental benefits and economic benefits.  By considering the situation of global market, our company cooperated with relevant designing institute, eventually designing and manufacturing the ‘extruding-desiccation machine plus BSG dryer’ systems. The new product line could fulfill continues and stable production and has the characterization of low cost, easy installation and maintain, and less need for labor. Meanwhile, the product moisture of dehydration process and drying process could separately approach 50-65% and 12%, which is satisfying. According to the test report of national feed quality supervision, inspection and test center, brewer's grain spent dryer will not loss in the process of dehydration and drying. Currently, we could provide different series of drying equipment to meet the demand of different beer suppliers.