Which manufacturer of low-cost drying potato dregs is good?

2018-07-06 17:28:31
Potato dregs dryer is more rigid in the current starch processing industry chain. Potato slag (potato residue) wants to dry and dehydrate at low cost. Which is better? Only by choosing a manufacturer that can realistically implement customer expectations can it be considered good.
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Where is the potato dregs used for drying? Potato dregs are rich in sugar, starch, and other proteins, fibers, etc. It is a good choice for feeding sheep and feeding sheep. It can reduce the cost of feed. Therefore, the dried dehydrated potato dregs can be used as feed additives to solve the problem. The problem of waste residue pollution in potato processing.
The low-cost drying of potato dregs can bring more objective benefits to customers. From this demand, we will strengthen the research and development and application of energy-saving technology for potato dregs dryer. The energy-saving tumble dryer will increase the heat utilization rate by 25%. The transmission system reduces the resistance of the equipment and reduces the power consumption of the equipment. These have been proven in the market and have received good feedback and word of mouth from customers.