The vacuum residue of petroleum is produced by cracking and coking at 500-550 °C in a coking unit. Petroleum coke (Petroleum coke) is a product that is converted from crude oil to light and heavy oil after distillation and the thermal cracking of heavy oil. From the appearance, coke is a black block with irregular shapes and different sizes. , with a metallic luster, the coke particles have a porous structure, it is generally considered to be an amorphous carbon body or a black solid with a needle-like or granular structure containing tiny graphite crystals in a highly aromatized polymer carbide. coke. The main element composition is carbon, accounting for more than 80%, hydrogen 1.5%-8%, and the rest are oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and metal elements. The carbon-hydrogen ratio is 18-24, the relative density is 0.9-1.1, the ash content is 0.1%-1.2%, and the volatile matter is 3%-16%. Calcined petroleum coke can be divided into green coke and cooked coke according to the processing method. Green coke is obtained from the coke drum of the delayed coking unit, also known as primary coke, which contains more volatile substances and has poor strength. Cooked coke is obtained by calcining green coke at 1300℃, also called calcined coke. Calcined petroleum coke is a partially graphitized form of carbon. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industries as electrodes or raw materials for the production of chemical products.​​

The moisture content of petroleum coke is 12-15% after pyrolysis and calcination at high temperature, wet coke quenching, and cooling process. Before grinding and pulverizing, the moisture must be dried to less than 3%. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has the honor to undertake a number of domestic petroleum coke drying projects. The project has won praise in the industry for its advanced technical concepts, perfect comprehensive support capabilities, high efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly equipment and after-sales service, and is well-known in the petroleum coke drying industry. market.

The petroleum coke drying system consists of a crusher, pulverizer, gas (oil) hot blast stove, three-layer drum dryer, cyclone dust collector, pulse bag filter, conveying equipment, packaging machine, and power distribution operation control device.



The material flow of petroleum coke is: petroleum coke with a moisture content of 12-15% is crushed to less than 10mm by a crusher, conveyed into the drum to achieve downstream drying, and the petroleum coke is continuously picked up and scattered in a spiral under the inner layer Moving forward, through the inner, middle and outer drums, the heat exchange between petroleum coke and hot air is realized. The petroleum coke that has achieved the drying effect travels quickly and is discharged from the drum under the action of wind and its own gravity, and the petroleum coke is fully dried within the control stroke. In this way, the drying effect is achieved, the moisture content of the material is reduced to less than 3%, the drying process is completed, and it is discharged by the screw conveyor. The control system monitors and automatically adjusts the operating parameters to ensure the drying capacity, product quality and safe and stable operation of petroleum coke.

The drying gas process is: natural gas or diesel is burned by the burner to generate high-temperature flue gas. After the clean air temperature is adjusted to 180-300 ° C, it is sucked into the dryer by the induced draft fan after the dryer to dry the petroleum coke and evaporate the water. The temperature is lowered to 50-80 °C and discharged from the dryer, and the dusty moisture is collected by the cyclone dust collector and filtered and purified by the pulse bag filter and discharged up to the standard.


The main structure of the equipment

structure diagram.png structure diagram.png
Model Capacity(T/H) Initial Moisture(%) Final Moisture(%) Drying Temperature (℃) Total Power(KW) Plant Area(㎡)
DLSG2006/3 4.3-2.6 12-15% ≤3% 180-300℃ 40-60 8*15
DLSG2008/3 6.4-3.5 70-90 8*18
DLSG2010/3 7.6-4.6 80-100 8*20
DLSG2211/3 9.6-5.7 110-130 10*23
DLSG2512/3 11.6-7 140-160 10*25
DLSG2912/3 14.4-8.5 170-190 10*28
DLSG3212/3 15.5-9.3 210-240 12*30




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