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Why is the pasture dry feed production more choice for pasture dryer?



  Pasture Dryer can convert about 80% of the forage grass into hay with less than 15% water in a few seconds. The tumble dryer is used as a carrier to supply heat through a coal-fired hot blast stove or a natural gas burner. The hot air quickly passes through the tumble dryer, and direct heat exchange with the forage grass in the form of a curtain is carried out during the traveling process, and the evaporation is rapid and the evaporation intensity is large, drying efficiency is high.


  With the advancement of pasture dryer technology, high efficiency and environmental protection, the production line is guaranteed to continue production. The dryer manufacturer provides a complete set of equipment such as crushing, drying and bundling to meet the needs of the entire production line from grass crushing to packaging. At the same time, the herbicide-specific dryer is used to damage the nutrients of the forage, and is not affected by weather, geography and other conditions, and the high-quality hay feed is supplied in all seasons.

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