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Which is better for green corn straw drying manufacturers?



  The green corn stalk is used in the feed production process after drying. It has been used in feed mills. How to dry the green corn stalks of 10 tons or 50 tons or 100 tons per day and which dryers are better, environmental protection and low consumption.


  Judging whether a manufacturer's good or bad is first of all the performance of the equipment, capacity, drying capacity, energy consumption, power consumption, life cycle, price, and manufacturer's service can ensure that the customer's straw drying production line can be putting into production on time and meet customer expectations. Manufacturing state.

  The processing capacity of the green corn straw dryer can be customized. The customer's demand is subject to the standard. The dry material water content will generally be less than 15%, but it can be flexibly designed according to the processing technology. The structure and process of the three-tube dryer equipment are used. High utilization rate, fast drying speed, large transmission force, natural energy consumption and power consumption; the price of a green corn straw dryer will be accurately quoted after the production capacity and configuration are determined, and the dryer manufacturer will There is a certain amount of profit, and the benefits of customers increase.

  Zhengzhou Dingli operates rotary dryer for several years and has a complete pre-sale, after-sale and after-sale service system. Customers can keep abreast of the detailed information on the production, processing, installation and commissioning of the green corn straw dryer, check and accept the delivery, and take over the production. The project guarantees the tangible benefits of the customer.

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