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Fruit residue dewatering and drying equipment--- waste residue utilization is no longer a problem



  The pomace dewatering and drying equipment is developed and produced for the characteristics of pomace. It is a common equipment for turning pomace into waste. These pomace are processed by dehydration and drying equipment to make feed sales, and no waste on the environment. Obtaining economic income is simply two-fold.


  The pomace dewatering machine is generally used for dewatering operation by a screw press dewatering machine, which can remove about 20% of the water in the pomace, greatly reducing the burden on the dryer. The dehydrated pomace enters the dryer for deep dehydration and drying. At the same time, the vitamin content of the pomace can be kept intact, and the pomace moisture can be controlled to about 10%. The dried pomace is an excellent feed for feeding livestock.


  Zhengzhou Dingli is committed to the development and production of pomace dehydration and drying equipment for more than ten years. In the design of the scheme, the characteristics of large moisture content, high sugar content and easy bonding are taken into account, and the original anti-adhesive technology. The unique drying process solves various technical problems in the process of drying the pomace and achieves good drying effect. The dried Marc has good color and no loss of nutrition. Welcome to Dingli Consulting and Ordering Equipment WhatsApp:15670626070

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